Target Market Research: Career Changers

For this LinkedIn campaign, the target audience is Career Changers who want to learn to be Digital Marketers so they can transition into working remotely. This is because the Digital Marketing job is an ideal fit for that lifestyle. 

How career changers are perfect prospects for JobPrepped

"Most people start their digital nomad journey at 29. Ironically, the average age of burnout is 32 years old with most people starting to feel the negative effects of corporate work-life balance at the age of 29. "

The primary target for this campaign, is the 29-39 age group,  the largest age-group for potential career changer prospects  (47% of digital nomads are in this age group!). However, it is recognized that anyone in their 30's on up are candidates with the means, time, life situation and inclination to want to start a new career better aligned with their desired lifestyle goals. 

These candidates will most likely be from professional settings who can add JobPrepped Digital Marketing training to their existing experience and transferrable skills. They are more likely to have some form of higher education.  "According to an online survey conducted in 2022 in the United States, one third of LinkedIn users held a bachelor degree or equivalent. Additionally, 23 percent of LinkedIn users in the U.S. held a masters degree or equivalent.Mar 7, 2023" - LinkedIn

The pain points addressed here are 

a) the need to quickly learn Digital Marketing skills to qualify for an entry-level position

b) get a new remote Digital Marketing role

c) to meet their work-life balance goals 

LinkedIn Target Audience

Who is your target audience?

Include people who have ANY of the following attributes:

Fields of Study that may indicate they have the professional skills to make an easy transition to Digital Marketing, but their areas of study as a Career Changer could be anything: 

AND also have ANY of the following attributes:


AND also have ANY of the following attributes:

Job Seniorities - NONE

Where is your target audience?

By country, separately: United States
Also consider Canada, United Kingdom, Australia (English native speakers)

Exclude Locations (Permanent)

AND also have ANY of the following attributes:

Member Traits - This can be a separate campaign on its own. Too narrow for this search. 

AND also have ANY of the following attributes:

Member Age - 29+

If this sample size is too broad, the "hot" age for career dissatisfaction in an office is 29-39 and is the largest group of digital nomads currently (47% of digital nomads)

AND also have ANY of the following attributes:

Job Functions - ANY

LinkedIn Groups: This campaign target audience for LinkedIn Groups was a keyword search for Remote Work, Digital Nomad, Work From Home, in LinkedIn groups, and the campaign size only resulted in about 13,000 members in the United States alone.  (LinkedIn recommends at least 60,000 for a good campaign but perhaps this could be a good smaller target to focus on a brand awareness campaign amongst remote  and remote-wanna-be US workers).  

A JobPrepped PPC Google Network retargeted display ad popped up on Digital Nomad Explorer while I was  researching this target market! 


Percentage of Digital Nomads by Age

20 to 29 14%
30 to 39 47%
40 to 49 16%
50 to 59 19%
60 to 69 3%
70 and above 1%

Digital Nomad Age Statistics

"Nearly half of all digital nomads worldwide are in their 30s, according to Statista. The survey also showed that the age range of 40-59 was well-represented, making up 35% of digital nomads globally.

The younger generations, Gen Z (17%) and Millennials (47%), comprise most digital nomads, as they generally have more location flexibility due to their life stage. Gen X’s share stayed stable in 2022 at 23%".

Transferable skills for your career change to digital marketing: writing and editing, problem solving, project management, communication, critical thinking, negotiation, teamwork, adaptability

The Older Digital Nomad

"However, the reality of the matter is more people are seeking to embrace technology and rethink life after retirement. Older people are no longer happy with a boring and uneventful life after retirement. Most of them want to see and witness new experiences before their bodies call it a day. As digital nomadism becomes even more popular, the diversity within this group of professionals is increasing by the day. "

Examples of the older over 50 career changer: Empty-Nesters,  retired military, realtors, teachers, nurses, and similar "burned out" professions. 

Best US Cities to work remotely

1. Pensacola, FL
2. Charleston, SC
3. Ashville, NC
4, Austin, TX
5. Brooklyn, NY
... and more.

1. Boulder, CO
2. Austin, TX
3. Seattle, WA
4. Boston, MA
... and more.

A broad assumption is that familiarity and comfort level with the remote lifestyle in these "hip" cities and states means there are others who live there that want this remote lifestyle too.  Remote work is accepted. Perhaps target these areas familiar with and accepting of a remote job.