3-Email Campaign Using MailChimp

This email campaign is for those that just went to the JobPrepped website and signed up on an email submission form to receive the JobPrepped Syllabus.

Marketing funnel diagram showing awareness, consideration, converstion, loyalty and advocacy stages in the customer journey

Focus on the CONVERSION part of the marketing funnel. 

The email campaign focus is on getting recipients to follow through on their request: first download the syllabus, and then purchase the course, encouraged by three emails they get right after requesting the syllabus. This 3-email campaign is to engage hot leads. 

Customer Journey - MailChimp 
Encourage email subscribers to download syllabus

JobPrepped Customer Journey _ Mailchimp.pdf

Methodology and Optimized Email Frequency:

Optimization opportunity: Sample of campaign emails in the inbox. It would be a best practice to try emails in A/B tests with different subject lines and preview text. 

screen shot of email marketing campaign showing primary and secondary headers for A/B testing open rates


Jobprepped Gmail - Mailchimp Template Test - _Email 1 Syllabus_.pdf

Download Syllabus
Email 1

Jobprepped Gmail - Mailchimp Template Test - _Email 2 Affordability_.pdf

Email 2

Jobprepped Gmail - Mailchimp Template Test - _Email 3 Testimonial_.pdf

Email 3