Build a Strong Digital Online Foundation - March 2024 to present

Summary: Collection of Canva meme designs for LinkedIn posts, plus descriptions, about creating a solid foundation for a Digital Marketing strategy for small, local business owners.
Goal: To help educate small business owners in simple non-technical language on what to consider when choosing a long-term, optimized marketing foundation that will work better for them. 

Changing Careers to Digital Marketing after 50 (Everything you need to know to prepare for a new career in Digital Marketing) - May 2023 to present

Summary: Long-form blog relaying my experience and expertise in up-skilling my advertising sales and marketing experience to include more in-depth knowledge of digital marketing.  
Goal: To inform and help people considering the change. Also, the blog uses SEO keyword research, and is currently positioning well on the Google SERP for the specific niche "can I change careers to digital marketing if I'm over 50"? 

SERP results for the Blog - May 2023 to present

Campaign:  Ongoing observation and analysis of SERP positioning, snippets, AI answer and competitive blogs
Goal: To monitor SERP positioning, Google Analytics and Search Console analytics over time for the blog "Changing Careers to Digital Marketing After 50".

JobPrepped - April 2023

Campaign: Build brand awareness and get Social Media likes, shares, and downloads of both their free course syllabus, and a free Marketing Job Strategy Plan, and to drive prospects to their website.
Also create optimized content for website optimization (SEO - Search Engine Optimization) with a blog post and keyword research.
Goal: To convert people to sign up for their course. 

The Bourbon Life - February 2023 

Campaign: Presentation using Google Slides for a Mid-Tier Influencer (Instagram followers >50,000) who wanted more visibility in Lexington, KY.
Goal: To get more Google visibility and more engagement from Instagram followers.