Social Media Video Posts to get click-throughs to the website to "learn more" in the Consideration phase of the funnel.

a) Created a 30 second landscape video, for Facebook, posted to YouTube channel ("restricted/unlisted"), and created square for responsive ad, multiple channels. Created in StoryBlocks.
b) Target audience is "Career Changer"
c) Brand Voice is professional but casual, friendly and helpful.  


1) LinkedIn video post: Benefits & value the company offers
For top of the funnel "AWARENESS" ads.

A Digital Marketing career is the best way to transition to a 100% remote job or become a Digital Nomad, living and working from wherever you like! According to LinkedIn, Digital Marketing is also one of the top skills to learn for marketers in 2023 to boost their careers.

Changing careers is an exciting challenge that can be impossible to get started, unless you know the right way to approach it, get the skills and work experience you need, and to give employers what they are looking for.

JobPrepped will give you the skills to dramatically improve your Digital Marketing knowledge, resume, LinkedIn profile, and confidence in interviews.

Go to our website and register to download your free full-course syllabus, so you can review it before you sign up.  50% Off This Month. Learn more here  (link)

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2) Facebook Shorter Post: Benefits & Values the company offers
For top of the funnel "awareness" ads

Are you planning to make a Career Change into Digital Marketing? 

Longing for the 100% remote job or Digital Nomad lifestyle?

You'll need new skills! Here's how to dramatically and quickly improve your Digital Marketing knowledge, resume, LinkedIn profile and interviewing techniques.  And you get the elusive real-work experience you need to get hired and transition to your new life!  

Register to download (link) your free full-course syllabus to review.   50% Off This Month.

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3) Testimonials, for LinkedIn and Facebook post
For both top and middle of the funnel "awareness & consideration" ads

“As a career changer, this was the course I needed: clear and concise lessons, plus real work experience that I used in my portfolio to get my career moving in the right direction.  I’ve learned so much more about digital marketing in this program than anywhere else. JobPrepped also helps in all aspects of getting a job: preparing a portfolio, a resume, a LinkedIn profile and gives interview tips

The confidence I have gained by not only learning, but also  DOING, is really beneficial. Putting these projects together for my portfolio has been not only fun, but a very valuable real-work experience to include with my job applications.  I absolutely know I can do the job now!  Also, the price is VERY affordable, and a responsive real-live person to help is immediately available. Thank you JobPrepped!” – Susanna Kelland 

50% Off This Month. Learn more here

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