SERP results for the Blog

February 24, 2024   Note about Domain Ranking. Google usually uses domain ranking to partly determine SERP position, but in this instance picks the best answer: Google lists this website ahead of both higher-ranked Coursera and LinkedIn! Domain rank plays a part in SERP position, for sure, but not necessarily in selecting the best answer to a query

(Note that this website has no known backlinks, and no known reviews. Neither have been solicited. It is not a website selling anything at all. It has a domain rank of 2.

Snippet + AI

February 2024 - It has been nine months since the publishing of my long-form blog "Changing Careers to Digital Marketing at 50". 

Since then, AI has become a popular and effective resource. Although AI was NOT used in the writing of the blog, Google now serves AI-generated "authoritative quotes" from it for this niche. It cites my website as an authority in the subject. Super exciting! 

This illustrates the importance of Expertise, Experience, Authority and Trust (E.E.A.T.) in how Google determines the most valuable answer to the queries of Google searchers.