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LinkedIn InMail message to collect Email addresses: Designed an InMail Marketing message (specific requirements on length) to send to a targeted LinkedIn audience, using a Lead Magnet Guide. CTA to download a Free Marketing Job Strategy Plan from a registration form on a website landing page.


LinkedIn InMail message:

Planning a job move? Here's your Marketing Job Strategy Plan
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If you are struggling to find a new job in Digital Marketing, we can help! It's exciting to change careers and/or find the perfect new job, but it's tougher to get hired without specific skills, real-work experience, and good interview techniques, right?

You can download our FREE "How to Get Hired For a Marketing Job Strategy Plan" to help you on your journey. You'll be more qualified, at ease, and feel confident in interviews if you follow these proven tips.

It's Free. No credit card info needed.

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