JobPrepped is a Digital Marketing Boot Camp that provides Digital Marketing training for entry-level roles and provides real-work experience for interviews. These are the results of the hands-on assignments of the course. 

Company Overview: JobPrepped provides an online 90-day, self-paced course costing only $549 that trains students in a four-part Digital Marketing program. Affordable and comprehensive training for entry-level Digital Marketers.

Their online on-demand course specifically helps Digital Marketing Entry Level job seekers solve the "must have experience to get a job, must have a job to get experience" problem, to help them get hired faster. 

Campaign Goals: Build brand awareness and get Social Media likes, shares, and downloads of both their free course syllabus, and a free Marketing Job Strategy Plan, and to drive prospects to their website. The ultimate goal is to convert people to sign up for their course. 

Target Audience: Experienced workers, in related business fields, (or possibly even in a completely different field) seeking to change careers to become an Entry Level Digital Marketer.


Social Media

Assignment 1: Social Media 3-day LinkedIn campaign, Meme, Educational, Infographic,

Email Marketing

Assignment 2: Email Marketing - MailChimp 3-email campaign, following up on free download

Pay Per Click

Assignment 3: PPC (1) - Social Media video ad, various types of social media posts.

Assignment 3 PPC (2) - Target Market and Research for LinkedIn campaign

Assignment 3: PPC (3) - LinkedIn InMail message, and MailChimp landing page for free download

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Content Blog
Changing Careers at 50. Everything You Need to Know To Prepare for a Digital Marketing Career

Keyword research, alt text, and backlink research using SEMrush