Analysis of SEO Content Marketing Blog preparation:
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Blog: Changing Careers at 50. Everything you need to know to prepare for a new digital marketing career.

Longform Blog Wordcount: approximately 4,200 words.
"Our research suggests that articles with 3,000+ words generate the most organic traffic." 

Also kept E.E.A.T in mind: demonstrates aspects of Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Main Heading: Switch to a new Digital Marketing career after 50

Title Tag: How to Prepare for a New Entry-Level Digital Marketing career

Meta Description: Switch to a new Digital Marketing career after 50. You can easily learn new skills to change careers and qualify for an entry-level Digital Marketing position.

Topic Tags

Remote jobs are the new flexible and productive way to work
You need digital skills to be a Digital Nomad
You already have transferable business and life skills
8 things to consider before changing careers to digital marketing
Do you like using and learning new technical tools
Are you a good writer
Do you love being creative
Do you enjoy data, graphs, and working with numbers
Are you a people person
Is your financial situation in order
Do you have updated equipment and a strong internet connection
Are you suited to work remotely
How to get the four basic entry-level digital marketing skills
Digital marketing training time and costs
Changing careers with no experience to show hiring managers
Research job listings for positions that interest you

Backlinks exercise from SEMrush with Domain Authority and rating (this was an exercise for JobPrepped, the Digital Marketing bootcamp website)

JobPrepped potential backlinks from SEMrush



Changing careers at 50
KD 56 vol 720

Secondary Keywords: 


Digital marketing career
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Changing careers at 50
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Entry-Level Digital Marketing
KD: 39 vol:170

Is Digital Marketing a good career
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Digital Nomad lifestyle
KD 36 vol 260

Remote Digital Marketing
KD: 30 vol: 90

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KD 63 vol 480

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KD: 48 vol 880

Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Professional Certificate
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Creative Digital Marketing
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Change Careers at 40
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Changing careers at 50
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Starting a new career at 50
KD47 vol 320

Career transition
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work-life balance
KD 76 vol 90

How to get a job in marketing with no experience
KD 42 vol 170

Digital marketing bootcamp
kd: 58 vol 1,300

Digital marketing bootcamps
Kd 54 vol 390

hybrid remote work
KD 55 vol 590

Best digital marketing training
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Digital Marketing skills
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Skills for Digital Marketing
KD 57  vol 140

Best jobs for career changers
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Cover letter for changing careers
KD 54  vol 480

Alt Text

Images:  Per Digital Institute report, SEMrush says that articles with 7 or more images get 555% more views, shares and backlinks

Alt Text to optimize 13 images with keywords: 

Outgoing Links Domain Rank DR 42 DR 47 DR 99 DR 47
AARP DR 85 DR 85* DR 93 DR 16 DR 34 DR 100 DR 76
Google DR 100 DR 35 DR 100 DR 72 DR 65 DR 78 DR 58 DR 74 DR 58 DR 46 DR 63 DR 54 DR 78 DR 60
LinkedIn DR 100
Meta DR 100 DR 67 DR 23 DR 65 DR 41

* has a paywall, MSN picked up the story, so this is the link referenced.