Hello, I'm Susanna, a Digital Marketer from Colorado.

I am a Digital Marketing Professional working remotely in Colorado Springs, CO. I enjoy helping small-to-medium-sized local businesses (SMBs) find their best customers through a strong online presence. 

"If a consultant hasn't asked in-depth questions about your business, they won't know how to get you real results."

Post on LinkedIn October 2023: Reaching out to small and medium-sized local businesses to think about their Digital Marketing plans. Goal is to engage with small businesses to provide information for them to consider a Digital Marketing upgrade. 

Have you checked if your Digital Marketing plan worked this year? Did it meet your expectations? Have you reviewed results and changes you want to make for 2024?

Now is the time to review and make plans for 2024.

Photo of yellow fall leaves. Caption reads It's October. What you plan now will affect your business in February 2024.

Here are some things to review:

- Do you have a strategy in place?

- How much business are you getting from your Digital Marketing strategy?

- What is your position on the Google search engine in your local industry?

- Does your website attract and actually convert visitors to customers?

- Do you have real-time access to your results?

- What is your marketing cost per lead?

- What is your revenue and profit, Return On Investment?

- What social media strategy are you engaging in?

- Is it working?

Do you have marketing strategies planned for 2024?

Now is the time to plan to grow your business. Google takes a while to respond to marketing strategy changes, and it's a great idea to go over what you are doing, find out HOW it's doing, and plan for what you WISH it was doing. It takes up to six months for strategies to build and work. Think about planning now for results early in 2024! 

MESSAGE ME if you have any questions about what steps you should consider to improve your Digital Marketing plan for 2024. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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Work-life balance is important to me. It does not merely mean more time off, it means we work when we are most productive, and when it's the best time for our clients. We also enjoy not missing important family activities, anniversaries, and spontaneous recreational events when they come up.  We don't want to miss a thing! 

Remote/hybrid work is here to stay. Studies show that remote work efficiency and productivity are on par with, or above, in-office work. We must explore and develop our new remote work-style productivity tools, data measurement, and opportunities! 

RESULTS matter! Let's be 21st-Century-productive TOGETHER! 

silhouette of a woman with arms raised looking at a mountain. Quote is "Please pay me for my productivity and value, not for my time in the office, hours or keystrokes". Thank you! signed, Every Remote Worker

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Google snippet for the keyword "career change at 50 to digital marketing". The snippet reads: Changing careers at 50 takes some planning, and Digital Marketing is a great option to consider for later in life. It is a perfect "second career".  Seasoned workers can upskill, learn digital basics, and then add these to their professional career experience. You can become more marketable as you mature!

Google's E.E.A.T.

To place well in search engines, companies have to be authentic, provide valuable and helpful information, be experts in their industry, have verifiable experience, and most of all show they are trusted by their customers. 

Many companies think that an attractive website can do it all, and wise companies know it can't. 

Digital Marketers must know the QUESTIONS to ask, to help a company get to where they want to be: in front of their most profitable customers, and furthermore, to get them to take action and BUY.